Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

Change your mind, Change your life


Jordan Winar

Jordan competed in his first ever triathlon April 22, 2017. Prior to this, he had never competed in any triathlons, bike races, or outdoor swimming competitions. Jordan competed in 12 X-Terra events over the following 5 months, eventually qualifying for the X-Terra World Championships in Maui, Hawaii. 

Jordan attributes his success to his newly found Vegan lifestyle and The Gazelle Mindset.

The Gazelle Mindset

The idea that you must do whatever it takes to survive.

A Lion can afford to be lazy. As long as he is faster than the slowest Gazelle every few days, he will likely survive. On the other hand...

Every morning in Africa,
a Gazelle wakes up.
It knows it must outrun the fastest Lion,
or it will be killed.

A Gazelle has no room for error or time to take a day or even moment off. One lapse in consistency or effort could lead to its demise. 

In today's world, those who are successful, wake up daily with the mindset that they will do whatever it takes to run toward success. 

Don't be a Lion, be a Gazelle.

Change Your Life

Change your mind, change your life. - Jordan Winar

More often than not, the start of something big, begins with a small deliberate change. 

Jordan's journey began at a Cracker Barrel, when he decided to enter a simple half-marathon in early April. His life will never be the same. 

What change can you make today, that may forever change the course of your life?

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Change Your Mind, Change Your Life